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PaladinsGate Comics

The Books of Magic #28 NM This is Not About Chocolate Vol.2 DC 1996

The Books of Magic #28 NM This is Not About Chocolate Vol.2 DC 1996

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Beautiful NM Copy!

Having shot Tim and Leah with his love bullets, Cupid--who has reimagined himself as a wanna-be-gangsta--threatens to shoot the rest of the models and make them fall in love with unsuitable suitors unless the owner of the agency pays up.

Tim uses his magic to cover Cupid in wrapping paper. Cupid confesses to his problems, complaining that Valentines' Day cards have made him meaningless and cheesy. He wanted to prove that he could still make anyone love each other.

However, Tim and Leah laugh off his chocolate bullets, which had no effect. Leah, the succubus, tells Cupid what love is really like.

Molly, who has taken on Auberon's job as his fool, wanders the area around the castle, finding examples of fairies who come up with absurd magical explanations for everyday occurrences. For instance, a groom says his horse has been cursed so his mane and tail will always be tangled, and he will always limp, but it's really because he has a stone in his hoof and he doesn't brush him.

Leah just pops the stone out of his hoof. But, she takes a special interest in him because she can tell he hasn't always been a horse.

Tim is ready to leave the modeling agency, but Psyche, who has taken to her new gangsta role more seriously than Cupid, pulls a real gun on Leah. She demands money. Tim doesn't know what to do, since she'll be able shoot before he makes a magical gesture.

He decides to provoke her, ridiculing her "fly girl" thing. She hits him, which gives him time to release his butterfly tattoo, returning her to her previous state (in which she had butterfly wings), where she is no longer angry.

The lady Titania sits in Faerie, pondering the current state Auberon is in, which is mysterious to her. He seems more questioning and passionate. Unknown to her, he is there, disguised again as Selwyn.

They hear Molly, building a tree house. She is bored with being bored, and wants to actually do something, create something--activities that fairies have forgotten about. After first making fun of her, the Queen's fairies see the fun, and join in with Molly in building the tree house.

The Queen is not amused, and begins to plan an ultimate curse for Molly.


John Ney Rieber - Writer

Michael Wn Kaluta - Cover

Peter Gross - Artist

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