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PaladinsGate Comics

The Books of Magic #1 NM Tearing Down Vol.2 DC 1994

The Books of Magic #1 NM Tearing Down Vol.2 DC 1994

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Beautiful NM Copy!

He may someday become the greatest mage the world has ever seen, but before that day comes, Tim Hunter must learn to balance the perilous lure of magic against the everyday problems of youth and the strange forces that are attracted to his power. In Part 1 of the 3-part "Bindings," the decaying state of the Faerie realm leads the enigmatic Falconer to Earth in search of Tim. But other forces are interested in Tim, including some who may offer clues to his true parentage.

Tim has learned that man who raised him, Bill, is not truly his father. Given his father's retreat into alcohol and TV, Tim feels abandoned.

Meanwhile, Tamlin, Tim's true father, has discovered that his adopted land of Faerie is falling apart, but none of the Faeries can perceive or accept this. He visits the Queen, Titania, upon her request. He shows her the devastation in the realm, but she thinks he created it. He leaves to look for Tim.

Now in London, Tamlin, in the shape of a falcon, shows himself to Tim. Tim is angry at him for how he treated him in a previous appearance, but follows him to Kenny, who looks homeless but is also a being of power. He shows Tim how to start using his magic intentionally, instead of accidentally as he has in the past.

Tim and Tamlin walk off, but the are being watched by the Amadan, a dangerous Faerie. Tamlin tells Tim that Faerie is being destroyed. Then the Amadan threatens to hurt Tim unless Tamlin goes back to Titania in Faerie. Tamlin agrees. Tim is left alone, feeling terrible that Tamlin may be hurt for his sake. Kenny, walking by, tells Tim that Tamlin is his father.


John Ney Rieber - Writer

Charles Vess - Cover

Peter Gross - Inker

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