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Azrael: Agent of the Bat #47 NM Vol.1 DC 1998

Azrael: Agent of the Bat #47 NM Vol.1 DC 1998

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Beautiful NM Copy!

Batman asks a favor from Azrael. Senator Esterbrook Halivan is in danger and he wants him to make sure he stays safe while he takes care of things in Gotham. The senator's help is crucial in rebuilding the city. Oracle assists Azrael in his mission.

He learns that the senator is set to appear at a jazz concert along with another celebrity, Nicholas Scratch. Backstage, Nicholas plots to kill the senator and complete an arms deal. As the show starts, the senator is at the catwalk about to be ambushed by Nicholas Scratch's men but Azrael manages to stop them.

Senator Halivan confronts Scratch and is led to his dressing room where he's killed.


Dennis O'Neil - Writer

Mike Carlin - Editor

Demetrius Bassoukus - Colorist

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