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PaladinsGate Comics

Azrael #32 NM Nocturnal Terrors Vol.1 DC 1997

Azrael #32 NM Nocturnal Terrors Vol.1 DC 1997

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Beautiful NM Copy!

Jean-Paul investigates the unusual vampire sightings in town, but instead finds himself face-to-face with a werewolf! Unable to activate the "angelic nature" within him, Jean-Paul loses to the living nightmare...badly!

Like how the vampire killings happened in the previous issue, mad scientist Otto Nadir and his father conjure up another fictional myth to slaughter many; namely the werewolf. Azrael battles the werewolf but finds himself more than outmatched.


Dennis O'Neil - Writer

Archie Goodwin - Editor

Demetrius Bassoukus - Colorist

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