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PaladinsGate Comics

Azrael #3 NM Fallen Angel 3 Vol.1 DC 1995

Azrael #3 NM Fallen Angel 3 Vol.1 DC 1995

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Beautiful NM Copy!

Jean-Paul Valley escapes death at the hands of the new Azrael, only to confront the Order of St. Dumas in its icy Alpine cathedral. Plunged into the middle of a war for power within the Order, Valley is offered the chance of again becoming its master assassin…and he finds it's an offer he can't refuse!

Jean Paul escaped his attacker, the Azrael in training. He found the ice castle - the headquarters of the Order of St. Dumas. He was greeted by Sister Lilhy and Brother Rollo. He asked to learn more about the system and it was refused to him. Sister Lilhy told him she would help his quest for knowledge if he would kill Brother Rollo. He began his attack, but Rollo had foreknowledge of the event - the new Azrael was waiting for him.


Dennis O'Neal - Writer

Barry Kitson - Artist, Cover

Demetrius Bassoukos - Colorist

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