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PaladinsGate Comics

Azrael #2 NM Fallen Angel 2 Vol.1 DC 1995

Azrael #2 NM Fallen Angel 2 Vol.1 DC 1995

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Beautiful NM Copy!

Batman guest-stars as Azrael continues to struggle with the mind-warping effects of the System. Resolving to confront the source of his pain head-on, Jean-Paul Valley begins a quest to find the Order of St. Dumas, the society that programmed him to be a killing machine. But a faction of the order is already moving against him, dispatching its own version of Azrael against Valley!

Batman saved Jean Paul from the flames that had engulfed his former home. He gave the once-Batman some money, his Azrael costume, a map, and information on the Order of St. Dumas. Jean Paul asked Brian Bryan, a homeless friend who was once a psychiatrist, to accompany him. The Order was training a new Azrael. They soon learned of Jean Paul's arrival and sent assassins for him


Dennis O'Neil - Writer

Barry Kitson - Cover

Demetrius Bassoukos - Colorist

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