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PaladinsGate Comics

The Books of Magic #34 NM Fire & Sugar & Spice Vol.2 DC 1997

The Books of Magic #34 NM Fire & Sugar & Spice Vol.2 DC 1997

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Beautiful NM Copy!

Molly has taken her anger against Titania to another level, and now uses her burning powers to destroy sites all over Faerie. Titania sees this as war, and sends the royal huntsmen after her.

Molly, however, fears them not, and destroys Titania's carriage and burns the huntsmen to death. Then she leaves a silver heart-shaped box, meant for her heart, at Titania's feet, filled with ashes. Titania is unable to sense her. Titania takes teh lesson to heart, and realizes what kind of a queen she has been.

"Prince" the horse wanders into the marketplace, where floating wet blankets guard the road to make sure nothing on fire can come in. His reflection in a mirror shows a young man.

He visits a magician shopkeeper, and carves his name in the dust with his hoof: Taik. The man recognizes him, and asks why he is a horse. They teleport away to fix his hoof, and the man says easting roses may revert him to his true form. They return to the marketplace to get some, but it is on fire: clearly Molly has been there.

Molly fights the floating towels, and Taik helps. Taik grabs some roses, flips her on his back and rides off. To her surprise, she doesn't burn him.

She wakes up later, to find Taik in his true shape as a young price, son of Titania. He asks her to marry him, so he has a queen when he becomes king.


John Ney Rieber - Writer

Michael Wm Kaluta - Cover

Peter Snejbjerg - Artist

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