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PaladinsGate Comics

Azrael #4 NM Fallen Angel 4 Vol.1 DC 1995

Azrael #4 NM Fallen Angel 4 Vol.1 DC 1995

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Beautiful NM Copy!

The programmer behind the System is revealed as Azrael attempts to shatter his lifelong conditioning once and for all. Friends and enemies become interchangeable as Jean-Paul Valley tries to escape the ice cathedral of the Order of St. Dumas with his friend Brian Bryan. But in their way stands the new Azrael!

Jean Paul defeated Azrael, letting him fall from the castle. Brother Rollo sent his acolytes to kill the blasphemous Jean Paul and Lilhy. Azrael got Lilhy and his friend Brian safely into a subterranean river.


Dennis O'Neil - Writer

Barry Kitson - Cover

Demetrius Bassoukos - Colorist

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